virtual horse racing

Virtual Horse Racing Betting

You probably heard so many friends of yours betting on virtual horse racing, but you weren’t sure what’s really going on behind that new betting discipline that’s becoming more and more popular with each day. Don’t worry, we are here to explain all the important details about virtual horse racing you can, later on, get more familiar with on MerkurXtip online casino site.

What’s virtual horse racing?

We are talking about a high-quality simulated virtual sports discipline that became a platform for real-money betting. Each race is uniquely generated, and it lasts for two minutes, so you can place lots of quick bets in a short period of time. Also, you can expect real-deal aspects of this sort of a race, like horse presentation, horse design, realistic performance behavior, close-up race starts, and a photo finish.

How does it work?

Apparently, virtual horse betting is very simple, and it’s suitable for betting beginners. Each player has an opportunity to bet that a horse of their choice will finish up first, first or second, or first, second or third. And the type of bet will determine the wager that will be different for each category. No matter the platform you entered, you will be presented with odds and racing historical results, which can help you decide who to bet on. And the great thing about this sort of betting is that the minimum betting amounts are really low, so you won’t have to think twice about whether or not to enter this virtual betting world.

What are the pros and cons of virtual horse racing betting?

One of the biggest pros of this sort of betting lies in the fact that there cannot be any sort of manipulation with the race and the results given that each race event is unique and determined by a random number generator. Also, the graphics and rendering are outstanding nowadays, so you will get the full experience of being on the tracks, including the visual and sound atmosphere. But what people mostly love about virtual horse racing is the fact they are happening all the time, every day, all day long, no matter the weather or any other factor. That way, they can be part of their favorite world whenever they please, without exception. And when it comes to the biggest con of this virtual betting category, it’s that there is no room for analyzing and creating strategies based on a horse’s previous results or its heritage, which is something racing fans enjoy the most. 


One thing is for sure – virtual horse racing betting is very easy to master and fun to play. You won’t need several hour-long introductions to a game or any sort of pre-knowledge in order for you to participate right on and possibly win a bet the first time you deposit money. It is a great game for betting beginners, impatient and adrenaline starving players, but also for those who do not trust real-life horse racing because of the impact of unsporting factors.