The partnership I’m in the now looks great thus far, in which he is an excellent libra sunshine + venus

The partnership I’m in the now looks great thus far, in which he is an excellent libra sunshine + venus

.. we don’t possess venus-pluto, however, his venus conjunct my sun. The guy renders myself feel comfortable having him, cause you know how libras will likely be to your terminology:P I simply work unsuspecting for example I believe that which you he states haha I got plenty saturn that individuals are likely gonna adhere together anyways!:P

I usually notice Sco Venus people(regardless if they truly are homosexual haha)

quote: To begin with published by the Gabby: If they can get a hold of a Pluto conjunct Venus person. you to is apparently a good fit.

Another option will be a global Leo determine. Sure I know he’s square cues, you should never capture me personally, but rectangular signs combine yin and you will yang. And feature me personally a great Leo sunshine, ascendant, moonlight, merc, Venus or mars it is not enchanting and you will dedicated towards the people they really likes. In my opinion regarding Leo and you may Scorpio along with her given that a power couple, of course.

quote: Originally printed of the Freesia: Better match so you’re able to men Venus for the Scorpio will be a female together Sun otherwise Moon into the trine/Sextile/conjunction together with his Venus

I am Scorpio escort services in Hayward and you may We have dated two Leos. the fresh support and you may pride is obviously attractive, and possibly you can find couples who very get this work (non-debilitated Hefty Sunshine determine to the Scorp, perhaps eg a sunshine-Venus/Sun-Jupiter variety of . otherwise an exceptionally plutonian-Sunshine Leo) but actually I found that the ego-centric and pride preserving characteristics within the Leo got in the way of all the pride transcending and you will ego give up I desired in order to perform (sunrays conjunct pluto + pisces moonlight, generally there ya wade!)

I really preferred my personal history relationship with good Virgo Venus, but their Venus retrograde are a huge and a little harmful test and so i create warning someone taking a part of men using this positioning.

Cancer tumors Venus was as well icky for my situation, Taurus a while slow and never as the roaringly enchanting once i for example often.

Aries Venus try adventurous enough to have Scorp Venus, but those people quick crushes obviously end up in Scorp envy thus that is hard. Pisces Venus is very really sweet, but will need to provide the loyalty and you may fidelity that’s thus important so you can Scorp Venus.

Capricorn are top, however, my past Cap Venus old boyfriend (Rx again!) was way too thinness obsessed to have my value, and i necessary somebody who you certainly will appreciate my personal Scorpio booty! Limit normally sometime materialistic centered, whereas Scorpio is a little from a great possessive controlling deep undercurrent from love give up.

quote: In the first place released by the pocaloca: What if they see Venus rectangular Pluto chicka-booh dear Gabby that actually work too?

Matchmaking an Aquarius Venus try an extremely frightening sense 😛 Both of these do not mesh

Hahah. that’s sweet! Sure I would think that can perhaps work in addition to, it could take a more mature Pluto sq Venus people, one who worked from the kinks sometime between your square but scorpio Venus enjoys difficulty that it probably won’t annoy these to far in the event your body is a bit challenging.

quote: To begin with posted from the jjj: I’m you to definitely and i also could well be curious to understand that along with. nevertheless do not understand respond to HAHA.Some other Venus inside Scorpio didnt work for myself. Cancer/Pisces venus boys none. too silky and unmanly. none Taurus venus. also terrifically boring and you can persistent. I will be extremely attracted to Aries Venus people. They have the brand new Mars interests rather than dull! But there is however many antagonism ranging from dos martian Venuses.

We most likely shouldnt tell it to help you an effective libra, but he had an excellent libra stellium (SN into the libra too) and you can Scorpio venus. Their libra qualities didnt match my personal Scorpio stellium, possibly it was the reason. one other reason would be the fact becoming so clingy and you can severe and you can jealous me I usually do not that way when you look at the a person . He was most clingy including a lady.