I’m trying to end a five year relationship with the most horrible man

I’m trying to end a five year relationship with the most horrible man

Sadly, one of my brothers is this way. I only came to recognize it in recent years. He is also an alcholic and is capable of unspeakable meanness and vicious spite for which he never apologizes or shows any remorse. He is almost a carbon copy of Trump. He used to be my favorite. brother. No more. I am seriously considering cutting off all ties with him, He was a bully in the schoolyard, beating up other kids, breaking their bikes and toys and other delinquent behavior. He has an inflated false personality. wat is catholicsingles I have grown to hate him. Of course he is PRO TRUMP to a sickening degree.

So very true and btw it’s very hard and almost impossible to break free from when you really have feelings towards someone who lacks empathy etc.

This is so true. At first I thought he was perhaps somewhere on the spectrum. He’s a genius too, so all this deception must be so easy for him. It was his brain that fascinated and attracted me, and ultimately it was his brain that destroyed us. Unfortunately, while I have broken up with him numerous times, I always go back. I still talk to him, though I don’t know why, I now no longer believe a thing he tells me. I don’t think he has a conscience, and I know he had no guilt, he’s said as much. But I have to say he’s never stolen anything from me, he’s never hurt me physically and has certainly had the opportunity, and he always honors the break ups, I’m the one who breaks the no contact. Luckily, he lives 300 miles away and I haven’t seen him in over two month. Still, after all that time, I should be over it by now, no? I feel like an addict.

Yes my boyfriend who i am still with for three years is 100% Sociopath, i don’t know how to get out of this relationship because i still love him and care so much, i hate myself for this and wish i could get out of this nightmare.

I got into this relationship way too soon. I should have worked on getting stronger. I didn’t realize I would need to be strong. He was so charming. So cute and so damn funny. Pretty sure after the horrible things he’s done that I just replaced his wife and I’ve been paying for the hurt or their problem or something. Once he looked me in the eyes and said.. “ I’d never do anything to hurt this relationship. I love you. “ that was before he threw himself at about 5 different women. Why am I still here. Because we used all of my money. Now he has a little and I have no place to live. I can’t believe I have literally given him everything I have. He loves me about as much as he loves a doorknob. And that hurts.

I thought we were in love

I have the same problem e tendency fo 17yrs finally have the courage to put him out…I also have strang reason to believe he has being molesting our 6yrs old daughter ..I report him to CPS..they are investigating him

I’ve known for weeks now that the man I love is a sociopath, have known from the very beginning that something was “not quite right” about him emotionally

That is awful. I am presuming that right now he has no contact with your de for your own protection.

Yes he has no contact with her until the investigation is complete and they find it not to be him..she is autistic and can not speak