OK, But Nick Why Is That Even A Bad Thing?

OK, But Nick Why Is That Even A Bad Thing?

I’m sorry, that was a bit harsh. I’m under some stress in my life right now and I guess it subconsciously leaked into the article, that’s my bad.

Look, can we just drop it? I’m going to explain why it’s a bad thing anyway. No hard feelings. I’m sorry I snapped at you.

Anyway *glares daggers at you*, letting him sense that you’re feeling desperate is a bad thing for a very simple reason.

Everyone wants a bit of mystery.

Ever see a guy across the room somewhere and get the “vibe” that you’d be interested in him? Maybe you position yourself closer to him, let him approach you, and get yourself ready for a night of fun flirting and who knows what more…

And then he totally blows it. He’s awkward. He’s needy. He feels desperate for your approval. He only laughs when you laugh. It feels like he’s begging you not to reject him.

I want you to imagine how turned off you are at that moment. Imagine how disgusted and disappointed you would be that he turned out to be a needy, desperate, decidedly un-sexy person.

That’s what you come off as when you let desperation leak into your text. When you show him that you are too eager, available and dependent on getting his response, you lose the vibe that makes you appealing and intriguing to him in the first place.

Instead of imagining the possibilities with you, he will come to see you a “sure thing” at best and at worst, as a needy person to stay away from.

And that’s why it feels so horrible when he doesn’t text you back. …