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Even if you have the best of intentions, working there has to be a nightmare, done mostly for the love

Even if you have the best of intentions, working there has to be a nightmare, done mostly for the love

My day job is being lead programmer on a site about as complex as FetLife, with hundreds of thousands of active users

So if I leave? Nah. Not such a much. Hell, I did go dark for about two months during a recent mental collapse, and – surprise! – Fet kept chuggin’ along.


I’m kinda hoping they realize this and start prioritizing better tools. I mean, why is it controversial at all to to want to retain productive users who generate nice pictures and kink for us, and screen offputting choads who do nothing but spam random people with badly-written fantasies?

As such, I am immensely sympathetic to Fet’s situation here. Code is complex, and not easy to change at the scale they’re working at. It took inner circle Bewertung us years of planning to implement a new checkout process because we had to clear out old code and handle a thousand crazy edge cases – and all the while, everyone was like, “Just make it happen, it’s simple.”

In addition, FetLife has to deal with laws in international countries, and with their payment processors shutting them down, and all the issues coming with porn, and maximizing ease of use for users. …

See Exactly about The Aquarius Zodiac Sign

See Exactly about The Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The fresh new Aquarius lady would like new warrior-instance nature and you will thinking out of Mars-ruled Aries. This woman is person who needs her child so you’re able to step up and strive to have what is correct. The brand new Aries child must be individual that defends this lady prize and you may just who handles her.

As he shows they are an alpha men, it will make their fall for him tough. The new Aquarius woman is certainly one who will force relationship off the table. She must learn this lady has by herself an effective and you can honorable child. Whether your Aries Boy shows their affections on her and you may will get protective, following partnership is a choice once more.

What enhances the Aquarius and you will Aries like suits is their passion for a lifetime. …