Phthalates – The Toxic Material to Avoid

Phthalates – The Toxic Material to Avoid

To put it simply, phthalates are a group of chemicals that help to soften and increase flexibility in sex toys.

Not only are they considered to be carcinogens (i.e. something that causes cancer), but they also can affect your human reproduction system.

It requires a lot more phthalates to get a thick dildo to be bendy and flexible compared to a thin shower curtain.

Sex toys don’t just come into contact with your skin, but inside your vagina, your anus, and even possibly your mouth.

Almost all baby pacifiers had phthalates in them until 1999 due to health concerns; Concerns that still apply to sex toys that use this toxic material.

If it isn’t clear whether their products contain phthalates, and you can’t get ahold of them, don’t buy from them.

Jelly Sex Toys

While jelly material makes sex toys flexible, they almost always have include phthalates along with a number of other negatives.

So if you really find a sex toy that appeals to you and it is listed as using a jelly material, check with the seller on if it contains phthalates.

So all in all, even if the jelly material doesn’t have phthalates in them, it still isn’t nearly worth it.

Plastic Sex Toys

Which makes perfect sense considering phthalates are meant to make materials more flexible, while plastic is meant to remain hard and rigid. …