Why do people get into a cuckold relationship?

Why do people get into a cuckold relationship?

The Cuckold History

SummaryThe Honolulu hookup profiles term cuckold derives from the cuckoo bird who has a habit of laying its eggs in the nest of other birds.

The term cuckold has been derived from the cuckoo bird. A cuckoo is known to lay its egg in other birds’ nests during the nesting season. The bird abandons her eggs and leaves them under the protection of some other bird, mostly crows.

The word cuckold is a noun referring to the practice where one partner derives sexual pleasure when the other partner sexually engages with another.

While, cuckolding is the verb form of the word, which refers to being in the action. In medieval times, cuckold was used for a man whose wife had other sexual encounters.

It also described a man who couldn’t impregnate his wife. So she got pregnant with another. It was usually to save themselves from the taboo of being infertile.

After reading this, I’m sure you think that man has greater control in a cuckold relationship. Time to bust a myth… …