God loves you and is fighting for you

God loves you and is fighting for you

How do you use this power? That’s the relevant question, isn’t it? Whoever knows the answer and can apply it to real-life situations, please do enlighten the rest of us. Power isn’t meant to be hoarded. Freely given, it is to be freely shared. Help is available. Those who know, need to help. That is why you have such power. And that is the only reason why you have it: to help others.

Fight and pour yourself into the word of the lord give yourself to Jesus and ask to be forgiving for your Sins God bless

Liaslia, There are 135 comments here at the moment, and I think about 120 of them are from a hoaxer who says they lost their soul. 🙂

Anonymous:The lady who feared that her soul is lost is sincre. I also thought that I was lost and damned for all time at one point due to the none too loving preaching in a pentacostal sect.

Dear lady who thinks her soul is lost: it is NOT! You ARE A SOUL! I am praying for you!

I bought a cross pendant for a necklace, I don’t wear it, sometimes I keep it in my wallet. I believe this helps keep unholy spirits away, I don’t know how. I don’t feel their presence since I bought this. I hope this helps. With love – Anonymous

It was the love and grace of God, our Father, who brought me to the Catholic Church where my healing and conversion began

hi,I have severally woken up in the middle of the night with the feeling that I was having sex with someone unseen to me, I also felt movement of someone on my bed although I live alone,i believe am getting visited by evil spirits,please pray for me.

I believe you, me too, I started waking up in the middle of the night we with the feeling of having sex with someone that I could not see

The second paragraph is similar to my story. My gf is sick. For months we struggle to help her. Every once in a while she gets possessed by a darkness, many times she lies stiff on the bed. It happened to me a couple nights ago. I felt the darkness too. …