What Is The Best Water Gun For Kids

What Is The Best Water Gun For Kids

Water games are a must-do for kids whenever they’re close to water. Splashing water around is never fun without water guns. There are plenty and awesome water guns out there, but few of them beats Super Soaker CPS 2000, a combination of technology and fun in one device!

Super Soaker CPS 2000

Super Soaker CPS 2000 was first sold in 1996 and has been a favorite to water-loving kids worldwide since then.

Why this water gun is excellent for your kid

CPS 2000 was built with kids and ergonomics in mind. The sturdy plastic is neither heavy nor too light. The pump grip is coated with light texturing and slides smoothly in its tracks. The handle is mounted on top in just the correct size to accommodate small hands. A shoulder strap made from soft water-resistant fabric allows the kid to operate the gun with hand.


The onboard technology is quite top-notch. Instead of employing the overused piston mechanism and a trigger, this gun is fired by pumping. But this turns out to be its Achilles heel; it doesn’t load as rapidly as piston guns. The strength of the mechanism, however, is that it gives the gun more power and longer range.


Super Soaker CPS 2000 has several achievements on its name, including being a record holder for the most powerful water shot ever produced by any liquid gun, a feat it snatched from Super Soaker 300.

Because of this immense power, it should never be used to fire water in a person’s face or eyes. It has been falsely reported that a kid once removed a friend’s eye with a shot of water from a CPS 2000; those rumors have never been confirmed.


The manufacturer doesn’t even advise users to wear facial protection devices. The CPSS 2000 is one of NERF’s best selling toys in the United States.